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AppMenuItem subfolders under admin #4785

Kelly created

Hello, I am trying to add a subfolder under admin, and have a menu item that loads a component. Is this supported? I am not able to route to the component instead, it redirects to notifications. I am not getting any errors either. I have a subfolder lookup-lists under admin. Here is my app-navigation-service:

        new AppMenuItem('Administration', '', 'flaticon-interface-8', '', [
            new AppMenuItem('LookupLists', '', 'flaticon-folder-2', '', [
                new AppMenuItem('Categories', 'Pages.Administration.Categories', 'flaticon-signs', '/app/admin/lookup-lists/categories'),
                new AppMenuItem('Tasks', 'Pages.Administration.Tasks', 'flaticon-list-1', '/app/admin/lookup-lists/tasks'),
                new AppMenuItem('Airports', 'Pages.Administration.Airports', 'flaticon-suitcase', '/app/admin/lookup-lists/airports'),
                new AppMenuItem('Airlines', 'Pages.Administration.Airlines', 'flaticon-paper-plane', '/app/admin/lookup-lists/airlines')
            new AppMenuItem('OrganizationUnits', 'Pages.Administration.OrganizationUnits', 'flaticon-map', '/app/admin/organization-units'),

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.


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    ismcagdas created
    Support Team

    @kbowma, have you defined a permission for your new page ? I think teh current user doesn't have permission for this page.