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Template 5.5, Angular and publish to Azure #5269

mikatmlvertti created


I updated our project with template 5.5 and after publishing to our test server in azure, app is not working. I have changed in Azures wwwroot/assets/appconfig.json correct urls, but when I reload app, I see with Developer Tools (Mozilla) that there is GET for and this production json has localhost settings. I can't see this production file in azures filebrowser, so I don't understand where it is coming from and why it is now trying to get that "production" config.

//Edit Visual Studio Server Explorer is not showing this appconfig.production.json, but Azure portals console is able to show that there is this file...

I was able to copy non production appconfig with console and overwrite production file so I was able to get app working.

Is this appconfig.production.json new thing with Template 5.5 or can anyone tell me why there is now production config file. Before I could change appconfig file with visual studio azure browser but now after that, I need to use azure console :D

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    Yes it is new in v5.5, <a class="postlink" href=""> ... ssues/1210</a>.