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appsettings.json vs appsettings.production.json settings #5357

kiandra created


I am using an ASP.NET Core + Angular project (version 5.4.1). In the Web.Host project I noticed that my appsettings.json file has the following section:

"App": {
        "ServerRootAddress": "http://localhost:22742/",
        "ClientRootAddress": "http://localhost:4200/",
        "CorsOrigins": "http://localhost:4200,http://localhost:49152"

however in my appsettings.production.json file I have this:

"App": {
    "WebSiteRootAddress": "http://localhost:9901/",
    "ClientRootAddress": "http://localhost:4200",
    "CorsOrigins": "http://localhost:9902/"

Notice that the app setting names are different, i.e. in the appsettings.json file I have "ServerRootAddress" but in the appsettings.production.json file I have "WebSiteRootAddress". Is this intentional? I only noticed it because I am using the "ServerRootAddress" setting in my application so that I can display a url on screen and I noticed that it was still pointing to localhost, despite the fact that I had updated the WebSiteRootAddress setting in the appsettings.production.json file as per the instructions in the "Step By Step Publish To Azure Angular" documentation. I know this is easy to fix, I would just like to understand if the differnce in app settings is intentional, and if so what is the reason for it?

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    Thank you for your report. It seems like this is a bug. I have created an issue here <a class="postlink" href=""> ... ssues/1380</a>. We will fix it, thanks again.