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Metronic Theme Styling and Tenant CSS File #5590

jakesdupreez created


Hope you are well..

First of all i have a license and a username jakesdupreez.

Hope you can assist me as Im strugling to figure out the complete styling design for the ASP.NET ZERO setup.

First I understand and got the Github metronic project supporting the current version. I understand the Default template there and the exe app that deletes and recreates the color profiles and modify the colors. Then to copy this back into the ZERO project and all is fine.

So far so good.

Then looking at the layout page there is a reference to the copied files based on theme in

href="@(ApplicationPath)metronic/dist/html/@theme/assets/demo/@theme/base/style.bundle@(CultureHelper.IsRtl ? ".rtl":"").css

So im 100% up to thiis point.

But then there is additional references to styles out of the metronic github project inside zero project but matches with the same theme names.

/Common/Styles/Themes/@theme/metronic-customize.css /Common/Styles/Themes/@theme/datatables@(CultureHelper.IsRtl ? "-rtl":"").css /Common/Styles/Themes/@theme/metronic-customize-top-menu.css

These are also conataining colors.

How does these relate to the github project. Do I need to modify both

Im not sure that if i want for example want to modify the metronic default theme I also need to update these themes inside Common/Styles/Themes

Then lastly I know that a Tenant have te capability to upload a logo and its own css file. The logo i understand and if avalable will be displayed.

But the custom tenenat css file. What should be the format of this style. Especially related to the github metronic stykles project that need to be copied in zero project and then the additional css styles in the common styles folder.

Ok. That a lot of information.

What I want to accomplish is the folowing. I need to know what a need to configure and where. The only things im interested in is colors, logos and fonts.

So Im the Hosting Company. (HOST). I want to edit the default theme to be my companies colors. Red and Blue.

Then working as a host that is the style. Dont really care for them to change the color scheme.

But then I register Tenants. I can upload there logo. Thats fine but then what should the tenant style sheet look like so i can give them there company main colors.

Any help in this complete process will me much appreciated.

Sorry for the long mail.


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    alper created
    Support Team


    there are lots of subjects in your post. could you please ask it one by one with a clean and more understandable way.

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    jakesdupreez created

    What goes in the CSS file that can be uploaded per tenant in settings section?

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    ismcagdas created
    Support Team


    The structure is basically like this;

    There are main style files like Metronic's style.bundle.css, datatables.css and RTL versions as well. For each theme (red, blue, yellow etc...), some of those files are re-generated or re-written. So, when you choose a theme, corresponding style files in the theme folder will be used.

    On top of all those style files, a tenant can upload a custom css file to override some styles like they want.