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Multitenancy with Azure AD for authentication #6090

japnolt created

We are building an application on ANZ using multitenancy and we need to use Azure AD for authentication. Our project is Core/Angular. Is this possible? If so, is there any guidance available?

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    ryancyq created

    Hi, do you mean azure ad authentication for some of the tenants and the rest is still using classic authentication?

    If so, there has been a discussion around this at

    If not, to authenticate angular with azure ad, you can use OpenId connect approach. See

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    japnolt created

    Yes, I would like the ability for a tenant to choose whether to use classic authentication or Azure AD (ADAL).

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    ismcagdas created


    A tenant user can directly login into system or can choose to login with OpenId Connect (Azure AD in your case). But, in current design you can't disable one of them for a specific tenant.

    If you need that, you can create two settings (Tenant based) and disable the related UI parts according the value of your new settings.

    You will also need a screen to change the values of those settings based on the tenant.