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AbpWeb Localization extension #6935

ricavir created


I'm trying to extend "InternalServerError" translation that is in AbpWeb source. I've followed abp documentation :

I've added following line on LocalizationConfigurer class :

localizationConfiguration.Sources.Extensions.Add(new LocalizationSourceExtensionInfo("AbpWeb", new XmlEmbeddedFileLocalizationDictionaryProvider(Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly(), "Localization.AbpWeb")));

And added XML files on a dedicated folder :

The problem is that "InternalServerError" translation remains always the same after doing that.

Is there another thing to do to make it work ?

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    maliming created
    Support Team

    Your rootNamespace may be incorrect.

    You can refer to the code of this project.

    It replaces Abp's CurrentUserDidNotLoginToTheApplication as Hello You Need Login!

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    ricavir created

    Tks @maliming. I found the issue, xml files have to be setted as "embedded ressource" instead of none. My bad.