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Custom Repositories - Calling Stored Procedure #699

maharatha created

Hi Halil -

Hope you are doing good. And thank you once again for replying each of my queries. Thanks for bearing me so far. :oops:

I read few of the previous articles on implementing custom repositories but couldn't get a satisfied answer.

I am interested in custom repositories because I would like to call a parameterized stored procedure and get an output from it. I want to write a generic repository to call stored procs and use it wherever I would like.

Any sample code is very much appreciated.

Thanks, Partha

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    daws created

    For executing SP with user defined tables, i use this package on sql server. <a class="postlink" href=""></a> #446@d867302f-819f-44ef-9a53-cebedb5ada2e

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    maharatha created

    Thank You Daws. I had gone through this from one of your post in this forum and this is what I would be most likely doing. Do you mind sharing your code which you wrote using the Abp framework. I don't want to implement something which is against the design principle of Abp.

    So if you have implemented a custom repository I would appreciate if you could share the code as well.

    Thanks much Partha