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recommendation on Microservices approach #7148

arctechnicalteamaus created

Dear support,

We have an existing application, and just purchased ASP.NET Zero. Our current application uses a Microservices approach. Front end is Angular, calling an API Gateway for all API. Behind the API gateway, there are 4 API services, such as authentication API, report API, main business logic API etc. There are multiple PostgreSQL databases too.

I know you have a next version ABP under development, with focus on Microservices. But for the current version of ASP.NET Zero, can you recommend how we can adopt the Microservices approach? Is there a recommended way, so it is easier to migrate to your next version in the future?

Thanks! Richard

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    ukocabicak created

    Do you want to use ASP.NET Zero application as an other microservice without FE for your system (5th API as a monolithic-microservice) and integrate to your microservice infrastructure?

    Or do you want to use ASP.NET Zero as a subsystem in your infrastructure with its own FrontEnd like an other Gateway which uses other microservices for FE aswell?

    Both cases need a lot of modifications such as overriding authentication, authorization, role-user managers, auditing etc.

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    alper created

    there's no automatic way of migrating from Zero to Abp vNext. These are totally different architectures.

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    arctechnicalteamaus created

    Thanks you all for inputs. Understand there will be modification work until the Abp vNext comes out. Would the following approach work?

    1. Use ASP.NET Zero application as the Access API, and the front-end (Angular). This Access API manages authentication, authorization.
    2. Use ASP.NET Zero application API part (no need for front end) as a base, for other API - our own business logic, but we need to re-route authentication, authorization part to use the above Access API.

    Can you see any major problems? allowed by your licensing terms?

    Regards, Richard

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    alper created

    I don't think licensing will be problem since there's no deployment restrictions.