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Set CssClass of user-profile-picture.component in containing html page #7153

rvanwoezik created

Angular component question

Is it possible to set the cssClass of user-profile-picture.component in the containing html page?

for instance:

 <friend-profile-picture [profilePictureId]="selectedUser.friendProfilePictureId" [userId]="selectedUser.friendUserId" [tenantId]="selectedUser.friendTenantId" [cssClass]="'kt-widget3__img"></friend-profile-picture>

Thanks in advance, Rene van Woezik

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    ismcagdas created
    Support Team

    Hi @rvanwoezik

    Yes, this is possible. But do it like [cssClass]="'kt-widget3__img'" instead of [cssClass]="'kt-widget3__img". Your version is missing a single quote right after kt-widget3__img.

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    rvanwoezik created