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metronic - pricing tables 4 - styles missing? #7284

alexanderpilhar created

7.0.0, Angular, .NET Framework

I'm using metronic's pricing tables 4 but now that I'm upgrading to ASPNETZERO 7.0.0 my select-edition page is broken ... It seems to me the styles are missing - how do I add them back again?

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    maliming created

    Can you share some screenshots and output from the chrome console?

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    alexanderpilhar created

    I was able to solve it myself - anyway, thank you @maliming!

    Styles for pricing pages can be found in src\assets\metronic\themes\default\css\pages\general\pricing\pricing-*.css. Just copy its content to select-edition.component.less (replacing all kt-pricing-1 styles).

    Note: CSS class names have changed from m-pricing-table-* to kt-pricing-* (so, no table anymore).