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ASP.NET Zero licensing prevented new project? #7477

arctechnicalteamaus created

Dear Support,

It looks like ASP.NET Zero licensing prevented us adding new project in the same solution, and we cannot Start the site without debugging under Debug mode.

Here is what we have done and noticed:

  • We added a new "Framework" project into the generated solution. This project has extra extensions, library code etc. It is used by Product.Core.Shared project.
  • Under Debug mode, Start without debugging shows an error screen - the site cannnot be reached.
  • Works fine if using "Start debugging".
  • Works fine if using Release mode, Start without debugging
  • Renamed the project "Product.Framework", the same issue occurs. The "Product" is our generated code product name.
  • All unit tests run fine, including additions from our own logic.

Is this caused by licesing or anything else? Can we add own extra project into the solution?


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    maliming created

    The license check will not appear the phenomenon you mentioned, it will output a log to remind you that the license is invalid and so on.

    You can check out the solution in this post, or Google search for error messages.

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    arctechnicalteamaus created

    Thank you! Provided solution worked - delete all bin-obj folders, uncheck "Edit and continue" option, restart VS.

    The strange thing is - if we reverted code back, just before adding our new project, everyting works fine, even with "Edit and continue" checked. Anyay.

    Thanks very much for helping us!

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    arctechnicalteamaus created

    Just more update on this - in case useful for all.

    The root cause is the IIS Express Worker Process. It is strangly locking itself Visual Studio to update files in bin folder.

    Now we switched to use dotnet.exe, not IIS Express to host the process. It works smooth so far.