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Devexpress Dashboard integration #7703

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I am trying to integrate the deveexpress dashboard control into my angular application.

I tried the sample at the link below and it worked as expected.

But adding the code as described to the aspnet zero solution doesn't seemt to work.

Specifically it does not get to the code inside the AddDefaultDashboardController method. And without running that code there is no default DashboardController for the angular app.

Do you perhap have any idea what could be causing this code not to execute?

` public IServiceProvider ConfigureServices(IServiceCollection services) { //MVC services .AddMvc(options => { options.Filters.Add(new CorsAuthorizationFilterFactory(DefaultCorsPolicyName)); }) .AddDefaultDashboardController((configurator, serviceProvider) => { _ DataBaseEditaleDashboardStorage dataBaseDashboardStorage = new DataBaseEditaleDashboardStorage(appConfiguration.GetConnectionString("Default")); configurator.SetDashboardStorage(dataBaseDashboardStorage); }) .SetCompatibilityVersion(CompatibilityVersion.Version_2_2);

        services.AddDevExpressControls(settings => settings.Resources = ResourcesType.ThirdParty | ResourcesType.DevExtreme);`

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