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For localization, is there a tool already built to add or update entries? #8181

smry created

I noticed the collection of methods that worked to retrieve the contents of the localization files and a method to update the contents of the localization files but was unable to see how the Update code was able to be used.

I have two questions:

  1. Is there documentation that is an example resource of how to update the localization files - either on the running application or in the source code
  2. Is there any additional software that would work as a tool for entry maintenance for all the available localization files - or is that level of IO done either by hand or a tool we would have to build inhouse?

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    ryancyq created

    Hi, currently there isn't a tool comes out of the box with ANZ project.

    However, the team has considered a tool to export translation data in the backlog. See