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Azure Active Directory B2C #8425

admin@syntaq created

Can you provide any guidance on integration with Azure Active Directory B2C and AspNetZero.

I understand you will not havea solution out of the bag but some pointers could save many hours.


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    ismcagdas created
    Support Team

    Hi admin@syntaq

    You can take a look at Once you fill OpenId configuration, users can authenticate via OpenId connect.

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    admin@syntaq created


    have configured the settings as below. The OpenId connect button appears on the login screen but nothing happens. (I replaced the values in the json..).

    No errors in the console, no messages in the Audit log. The login button just seems to have a link to /Account/Login#

    "OpenId": {
      "IsEnabled": "true",
      "Authority": "https://[TenantName][TenantID]/b2c_1_signin/v2.0/",
      "LoginUrl": "https://[TenantName][TenantName]",
      "ClientId": "[ClientId]",
      "ClientSecret": "[ClientSecret]",
      "ValidateIssuer": "false",
      "ClaimsMapping": [
          "claim": "",
          "key": ""
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    admin@syntaq created

    This has been solved