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admin@syntaq created


Any pointers on the steps to implement KTWizard in the Angular Version. I have found the wizard.js in the assets but am unclear on the next steps.


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    bobingham created

    A lot of people have asked about adding Metronic's js files to projects but there is no satisfactory answer. This question has been asked before and I also wanted to implement one of their js files for expanding a widget (or card or portal) to full screen. The answer is complicated. My advice would be to search for an alternative, Zero doesn't have a wizard solution and Metronic js files are not integrated in the solution. We just have sixteen(?) different ways of looking at the same thing. The Metronic thing was never thought through properly and as a result we have bloated asset files, poor release pipelines and little integration beyond css. My advice would be to revert to vanilla bootstrap and find a way to implement with same. Sorry to be the harbinger of bad news.

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    maharatha created

    I am also on the same boat. Any step by step help is appreciated

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    ismcagdas created
    Support Team


    Sample on this page should work on AspNet Zero. Did you try that ? If so, did you face any problems ? I can try to help.