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External Login - SecureAuth #8522

venkata.gunturu created

Hi, We have a requirement to authenticate all users via SecureAuth page instead ASPNET Zero login. I tried to understand the flow to override ABP workflow when user logins and redirect to SecureAuth page but no luck! Could someone help me or let me know how to configure to allow this model? User will provide email address and password on secureauth page only.

I am using MVC Core, JQuery template (latest).

Thank you for your time,

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    ismcagdas created
    Support Team


    By default, AspNet Zero will display login form and external login options on login page (like OpenID Connect, LDAP, Twitter login etc...). If SecureAuth supports OIpenID Connect, you can configure OpenID Connect parameters in appsettings.json. If not, you can write your own external auth provider (see

    Then, if you don't want users to see the login page at all, you can redirect users to SecureAuth (by default user must click a button on the login page for this) by changing the source code of Login page. AspNet Zero should handle the rest.