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How can i extends respond time from service #8649

kwanp created

My version on Core + Angular now the error Timeout show and i want to extend to 60 sec

Thank you

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    maliming created
    Support Team


    I see that the status code is 500? Did an exception occur?

    Optional timespan attribute.
    Specifies the duration for which the ASP.NET Core Module waits for a response from the process listening on %ASPNETCORE_PORT%.
    In versions of the ASP.NET Core Module that shipped with the release of ASP.NET Core 2.1 or later, the requestTimeout is specified in hours, minutes, and seconds.
    Doesn't apply to in-process hosting. For in-process hosting, the module waits for the app to process the request.
    Valid values for minutes and seconds segments of the string are in the range 0-59. Use of 60 in the value for minutes or seconds results in a 500 - Internal Server Error.
    Default: 00:02:00
    Min: 00:00:00
    Max: 360:00:00