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License Expiration #8998

atrader100 created

i received an email stating my ASPNet.Zero license will expire soon. Will my application stop working or will I lose technical support and version updares, only?

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    maliming created
    Support Team

    ASP.NET Zero license includes 1-year upgrade and premium forum support. You will also have access to the private ASP.NET Zero GitHub repository so that you can track the changes, contribute to the code-base and open issues.

    After your license period ends, you can continue developing your application and using ASP.NET Zero for a lifetime. Besides, you can always update ASP.NET Boilerplate packages, since they are open-source projects (and will always remain as open-source). You will also be able to access to the documentation since it's public. On the other hand, your account will become passive and you will not be able to get ASP.NET Zero upgrades anymore, also you will not have access to the GitHub repository. Your premium forum membership will be ended. You cannot redeem any remaining project credits after your account is passivated.

    You can extend your license by 1 more year for 50% of your purchased license's current price. If you want to extend your license, you should do it within 1 month after your license expires.