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If you're hosting on Azure - can you share what it costs per month? #9188

marble68 created

I really want to go to azure - and I know it can be cheap to start - but the pricing calculator seems to be a black art.

I'm curious what real world looks like? 50 users?

Heavy API usage?

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    robert created
    Support Team

    Hello marble68,

    For web app hosting on Azure, Linux OS web app can be used best , since it is very cost effective.

    Please refer below link for the details -


    For database pricing, use the following link - [] You can use these parameters to get more idea on the database pricing

    Purchase Model - DTU, Service Tier - All, Display pricing by - Monthly

    Additionally, if this is a multi-tenant application, it requires custom domain and wildcard SSL certificate as well. The annual pricing for Wildcard Certificate is 299.99 USD approx.

    For your case , assuming 50 users and heavy API , B3 web app plan would be optimal. (For single solution aspnetzero)

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    ismcagdas created
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    Thanks a lot @robert :)