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Reusing of modules from abp commercial in ASP.NET Zero based web app #9265

kateryna.zorina created

hi guys!

We use AspNet Zero framework and currently working on integration with Identity Server. We found the following module and now have a questions:

  1. Does our AspNet Zero license allows us to use this module?
  2. Will it be correct to use this module in our app?
  3. Won’t it have further implementation conflicts, since AspNet Zero also has Identity Server support?


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    ismcagdas created
    Support Team

    Hi @kateryna.zorina,

    ABP Commercial is not designed to work with AspNet Zero. So, we don't suggest using them together. However, if you want to try this, you can get a free ABP Commercial license if you are eligible, see

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    kateryna.zorina created

    Hi! Thanks for explanation.