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james.marley created

I'm trying to get Microsoft.Graph working within AspNetZero. I have OpenIdConnect authenticating against ADD and that is working well. A futher enhancement is some more integration with ADD for controlling access.

The requirement I have is to use a group in ADD that can allow or grant access to the application. So if a user wants to access the application the requirement is that they are part of a group in ADD. The reason for this is that our application will be in a corporate environment and the administration of users will be left to tenant administrators who are most likely system administrators within their organisation. For on-boarding new users a preferred workflow would be for a system administrator to assign a user to a group in ADD and instruct the new user that they can self register for access. In the opposite manner a user leaving the company could just be removed from the ADD group and then their access to the application will be removed.

The solution I am trying to implement is using Microsoft.Graph. I'm new to using Microsoft.Graph but I have followed through instructions from Microsoft and everything seems in order except that I am getting messages about not having permissions. I have all the API permissions setup in Azure that I should require but still cannot seem to find a simple way to connect.

I've got two questions regarding what I am trying to do.

  1. Is there a better way of accomplishing access being controlled through ADD groups?
  2. Is there any information in the solution about how to integrate with Microsoft.Graph? The ADD group stuff aside I could see being able to integrate with this service being of high value and I wonder if there is a way to create some more support within the application itself to setup.

Any advice is appreciated.

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