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Xamarin Offline Compatibility Questions #9293

AuroraBMS created

Good day ANZ Team,

We are in the process of rolling at a component of our solution a client which current threw a curve ball at us.

They have customers in non-sginal areas which leads the system to be unavailable when they enter those areas.

We can implement a local database on the solution to handle the data and also resync everything once they are in an area with signal.

The part that we are struggling with and not sure how to handle best is the offline login side. Is there an ideal way that we can bypass the login page in general and only have them login once they have signal again or try to sync data?

We are aiming to reach offline compatibility when no connection is available or signal is terrible. (Standard South Africa Issues)

Thank you,

Regards, Aurora-BMS

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    ismcagdas created
    Support Team

    Hi @AuroraBMS

    We are not much experienced with offline support but the app itself uses a long-life token, so this shouldn't be a problem if users don't logout on purpose.

    For such cases, the best option is to use a local database for Xamarin app I guess.