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What does my real "product" not allow me to change in terms of the name I select #9444

atideveloper created

We are getting ready to generate our real product and have a name in mind. That name might change slightly before we actually release our product though. So, by selecting a name now what does that lock me into? Is it only the project/solution names in source code or does it force that name into the UI or other areas that our customers might see?

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    marble68 created

    I'm not support.. but...

    FWIW - the namespace you pick will propogate into the UI, and you'd have to go and find and replace it.

    I made the same mistake, which sucks, as there's not really an easy way.

    My suggestion would be to generate your app using a namespace that is very unique - so it's very easy to find in your project.

    For example, let's say your app is going to be something common, like the word Filter.

    Finding and replacing that would be a nightmare

    So I'd suggest you make it something like FilterApp. Then, you can search your project for FilterApp.

    It will, of course, come up with all the namespace rows, but you can go through your find in VS and quickly change them.

    The name will be sprinkled everywhere. Email templates, work.xml.. etc..

    I'm facing the same issue and considered regenerating my project to get a new name, but frankly it's just not worth the effort of moving the code over if you are down the road.

    So again, my suggestion is to pick something that you wouldn't normally see in code (c3, css, html, or otherwise). The more unique in the universe, the easier your job will be.

    AppFilterBackendNS, or BackendNSFilterApp, or even go with something crazy like AAABBBCCCDDDD, that will make it exceptionally easy to find.

    At the end of the day, if you think you're going to need to change your namespace, your release is keyed to your namespace.

    If you've already downloaded one, you can do one more. If you haven't, then I strongly recommend using something that would be ok in release or dev, and that follows the guidelines I suggested.

    If you're concerned about how your namespace will appear externally, then I'd do something very descriptive. Lets say you work for ATI.. then make something ATIFilterAppNameSpace.

    Yeah, a lot to type, but in reality I've not found myself typing my namespace a lot; but that will depend on where you drop your classes and what namespace you put them in.


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    marble68 created

    To re-itterate - you cannot change your namespace.

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    atideveloper created

    Thanks for all the information marble68. If we are able to change the name ourselves in code then I wont be as worried about the name we select. If we cannot due to licensing, etc. then we will have to be sure on the name.

    Any chance I can get confirmation from support on this?

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    ismcagdas created
    Support Team

    Hi @atideveloper,

    @marble68 is right. You can't change the namespace but you can change texts on the UI. If you face a major problem with the namespace you have choosed, you can contact with and we can help you.


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    atideveloper created


    Thanks for the help!