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Dynamic side bar menu trouble #9445

capacent created


I am trying to render a custom property on the side bar menu dynamically

My version is the most recent one, running on Angular + ASP.Net core

I created a new entity which has CRUD functionality, I want each item in the new entity to be a child item in the sub menu. However, when I add a new item or delete one, the side bar menu stays the same until I manually refresh the page.

I am trying to make this part of the side bar menu dynamic so that when I delete something, it disappears from the side bar menu and the same for when I add an item, I want it to appear dynamically in the side bar menu as well. Without having to refresh the page

I've tried different things inside the side-bar-menu.component.ts along with inside the app-navigation.service.ts file but nothing seems to do the trick

Can anyone help me?

Example below:

Now i'll add an item through the file uploader I have.

The file appears in the main component however, I would like it to dynamically appear in the sidemenu I have marked in the upper left corner

Now when I manually refresh the whole page it looks like this, as it should

And now lets say I delete the file I just recently added, it still is in the sidemenu

I hope someone understands my question, this is driving me nuts because I'm pretty sure this has something to do with the menu: AppMenu variable in side-bar-menu.component.ts but I do not know what to do

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