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ModalManager js - refresh modal with different record on click of prev/next button in modal #9643

razkhan78 created

Hi, We have AspNetZero (Paid) Product version --> 4.0 Product type --> MVC Product framework type --> .net core

We are having specific case where we have "Prev" & "Next" buttons in Edit screen which opens from list page. We need to show prev/next record on those button click, right now we are opening modal on onClose method by adding specific condition, but it looks flickering. We saw there is reopen method but it seems to be taking new arguments.

Is there any way we can refresh modal with "Id" of next records?


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    ismcagdas created
    Support Team

    Hi @razkhan78

    You can make an ajax call to server to get details of the record (Next or Prev) and fill the fields when the ajax call returns from server manually using javascript. There is no automatic way for this.