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error NG8001: 'sub-header' is not a known element: #9721

rvanwoezik created

ASP.NET CORE & Angular (single solution) .NET Core 3.1 v9.0.0

Hi, tryin to add new page to main module

`<div [@routerTransition]> <div class="content d-flex flex-column flex-column-fluid"> <sub-header [title]="'Employees'">


    &lt;div [class]=&quot;containerClass&quot;&gt;




In the ts file i have added: import { AppComponentBase } from '@shared/common/app-component-base';

when using npm start i get the error: error NG8001: 'sub-header' is not a known element:

What am i missing, must be something stupid, existing pages in the main module with sub-headers are working.

Thanks in advance

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    ismcagdas created
    Support Team


    You need to import the AppCommonModule intpo the module which contains the page you are getting this error.

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    rvanwoezik created

    I'm getting old, Alzheimer Light. Thanks!