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KPCS created

Hi Support Team,

We want to develop a re-usable component which will have its own Angular UI Pages/Components, Database Tables and Services, which can be shared across different AspNetZero applications.

In that, can the AspNetZero Plugin approach be used? (ref link ) Can the plugin contain an entire set of Modules similar to a typical AspNetZero application, like - DB Migration, EF, Services, Web.Core, Web.Host etc. on the service side? As well as, can the angular UI part of this module code be part of this Plugin.

Link 1) looks like limited to service classes only.

Waiting for your quick response.


Kind Regards, Kumar Prashant

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    KPCS created

    Any update?

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    ismcagdas created
    Support Team

    Hi @KPCS

    You are right. AspNet Boilerplate module system doesn't provide anything for UI components out of the box. I suggest you to create npm packages for UI related pars of your module. In that way, you will have 1 NuGet package for your module and 1 NPM package.

    If it was an ASP.NET Core MVC UI, there are some solutions but for Angular UI, a npm package will be a better choice for distributing UI components.