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Can't login in to download #9848

cmthomps created

Trying to login to the main aspnetzero site to download the latest code. Getting invalid user name or password even after resetting my password.

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    aididhaiqal02 created

    Same issue here

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    ashjackson created

    Probably related - I can log in, but cannot download 10.0.0-rc1. Click generate, and the spinner shows, but then nothing happens. Re-generating 9.3.0 does work. I have selected netCore31 + Angular.


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    cmthomps created

    Can confirm that I can now login, but cannot download RC10.

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    musa.demir created
    Support Team

    Hi @cmthomps We will fix it asap. Until that time, can you please select the .Net 5.0 from dropdown. It should fix the problem.