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Xamarin app not working #9983

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  • What is your product version? tried on 9.3.0 and 10.1.0
  • What is your product type (Angular or MVC)? MVC jquery
  • What is product framework type (.net framework or .net core)? .net core


I am trying to run Xamarin App from .net core project. but i am getting stuck on first screen. can you please check what i am missing?

After following all points of Xamarin Development Guide I got these warning in my project and when I tried to run the Xamarin project then nothing happens and application crash after few minutes.

Solution for these warning I have done: - • Uninstall and re-install packages. • Checked the configuration as I found in solution on search.

My Latest installed platform is as follows:-

After completing all steps when run the .Droid project then this screen is displayed and after few minutes’ application crashed.


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    ismcagdas created
    Support Team


    It seems like your app can't connect to Host app. Did you run your Host app as explained here ?