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.net5 upgrade: randomly no response from backend #9985

enerjisauretim created
  • Latest: (Containing Abp6.1.1)
  • Angular
  • .NetCore5


Last week we upgraded our Aspnetzero project, from Abp:5.14.0 to 6.1.1 Randomly I was encountering a case in which backend appservices does not return data, just keeps loading and fails after timeout. It started happening in our test and production environments. Whenever we faced this issue, I specificly checked database access and everything works fine. There is no error logs btw.

Are there any similar issues or any bugs related with such cases?

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    ismcagdas created
    Support Team

    Hi @enerjisauretim

    Do you have any async void methods in your project ? We haven't faced such a problem with .NET 5 upgrade. If you can detect the endpoints, we can investigate your app service code.

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    enerjisauretim created

    Hi there,

    we found that we have dbconn timeout set to 10mins whereas our deployment environments allowing up to 1 min of request processing. it ends up to malfunctioning.

    Reducing it solved the issue AFAIK