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Hi all

I use the CallApiFromConsole solution to try calling my WebApi layer.

I am able to get the new token, but when i call AppService layer method, i get the " There is no permission with name: Advisorys.MarketManagement" on both log and AbpAuditLogs table.

I have setup the permission

public class FeedServiceAuthorizationProvider : AuthorizationProvider { public override void SetPermissions(IPermissionDefinitionContext context) {

        var advisory = context.CreatePermission("Advisory");
        var clientManagement = advisory.CreateChildPermission("Advisory.ClientManagement");
        var marketManagement = advisory.CreateChildPermission("Advisory.MarketManagement");


And i have manually input the data on tables

select * from AbpRoles select * from AbpUserRoles select * from AbpPermissions

May i know what's the problem i can be? Do i need to explicitly grant these Static Role?

Please help

Log example: UG 2017-04-07 16:22:51,125 [31 ] Abp.Web.SignalR.Hubs.AbpCommonHub - A client is reconnected: {"ConnectionId":"2b29dbee-6956-43c3-acf0-b206d9c15101","IpAddress":"::1","TenantId":1,"UserId":5,"ConnectTime":"2017-04-07T16:19:43.0021683+08:00","Properties":{}} ERROR 2017-04-07 16:23:21,507 [21 ] nHandling.AbpApiExceptionFilterAttribute - There is no permission with name: Advisorys.MarketManagement Abp.AbpException: There is no permission with name: Advisorys.MarketManagement at Abp.Authorization.PermissionManager.GetPermission(String name) in D:\Github\aspnetboilerplate\src\Abp\Authorization\PermissionManager.cs:line 55 at Abp.Authorization.Users.AbpUserManager`2.

I have error 'Empty or invalid anti forgery header token' when i call by the Swagger UI index page on api function CreateUser

but if i use PostMan to call, i don't have this error. may i know what may go wrong?

Hi team

My question is about how to achieve inheritance in this Framework For example I have a domain calls Instrument then i have the following sub class says GoldInstrument OilInstrument ExchangeTradedFundInstrument

I think on domain level, each type should have their own table

The below is the class defintion

public class Instrument : Entity, IHasCreationTime public class Etf : Instrument

It seems when it comes to this model, i can't define Super class and sub class relationship

Would you please advise. Thanks a lot

Regards Billyl

Hi Team

I have downloaded the TestProject template choosing single page application, entity framework, MVC 5.X and module zero included

I have created and run Update-Database command and i am able to create user on Web layer.

However, when i try to call the below . It gives me error <a class="postlink" href="http://localhost:6334/api/Account/Authenticate">http://localhost:6334/api/Account/Authenticate</a>

The same method, i can run on event cloud sample

Regards Billy

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