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Power Tool error generation with Multi Lingual Entity and Primary key is Guid, maybe not integer will cause error. It seems Translation entity is always use integer as PK

Power Tool generate always generate new menu on first line of AppNavigationProvider.cs


Could you share your AppService and its interface ?

May I have your email address?

Yes, I already add UoW to ViewComponent manually, but my custom App Services are still show error "ArgumentNullException: Value cannot be null. (Parameter 'unitOfWork')". What should I do here to check if I missed something?

My App Service is inherit from AppServiceBase and it's interface

Thank you, it is okay now

Btw, there is another issue relate to UniOfWork, after upgrading, I need to add [UnitOfWork] to some AppService and ViewComponent to made it work, but I don't see it on original project. What should I do to avoid issue of UoW is null

Hi team, I''m doing upgrading from 10.x.x to 13.x.x and get problem with ChatHub.connection.connectionState is undefined now. What I should check to fix this issue? On old version (10.x.x), connectionState is still there

It is also error "Chat is not connected!" when I tested with version 13.1.0 downloaded from website

I have a FK: ProjectSet (plural)

It is FK of an other table:

This is template:

But the output is incorrect: It should be ProjectSet instead of Projects

Could u help to check this issue?

I'm facing this error everytime open page "CreateOrEdit". It's error at "abp.ajax" to call modal for select (selectedEntityId)

Another issue is about AntiForgeryToken when I click Save button, I'm not sure how to set it on Startup.cs, also tried to add and remove but still not working. Could u help me check this?

Hi @kworkme,

Also, are the entities in the navigation properties still included in your project? Based on the first JSON file you sent, is the AIReplyTranslation entity still in your project?

Yes, it is similar to PreconditionTranslation on screenshot above. It is Multi-lingual entity for AIReply class. If you don't recommend this way, what should I do to fix? I also followed exactly tutorial on

Thank you for quickly support. We have been using version 10.x.x for quite some time now and we have decided to upgrade our project to latest version 13.x.x.

During the upgrading, we are facing some problems. Could you please help to live support via chat (Google Meet)? It seems that there are significant changes from version 10.x.x to 13.x.x. Therefore, I may need you help to review the conflict codes and give recommend about upgrading and implementation to make project work stable and smoothly.

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