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so in doing this your suggested way, to me it reads that security just went out the door??!!

Yes, a bold statement but how does TenantA user1, 'find' TenantB User3 so sharing can happen?

I think I have my 'solution': its does the 3 flavors of acl's. My hesitancy in doing personal coding is alot of effort for an inexperienced area.

I would suggest that this or other system be implemented for a future release. Thanks again for your help.

I have aspnetzero, the latest release and want to know if I can have a Access Control List that spans tenants.

Some more details:I have a Dev, stagging, Production systems, a) TenantA, user1, user2, Role1, Role2 b) TenantB, user3, user4, Role3, Role4. User3 is using a normal data entry form and wants to share the data with User1, preferable without copying data, Hence the idea of ACL.

How can i use/implement the ACL I am describing for the systems outlined. Thanks.

I used the latest code 13.2.

The miniExcel package is depreciated and I am concerned that vulnerabilities exist; please consider using ClosedXML. Soon I will be doing FDA penetration testing and vulnerability scanning using a company like Red Sentry. I am concerned that this product will be an issue.

Thanks for listening.


no when I login, I am logged always into tenant 1; the migration when I build from scratch has entries for tenant null, but login always is tenant #1


Sorry to reopen but I am confused on how todo. thanks for your understanding.

maybe my question should be: how do I login as the null tenant so i can set roles, etc.


current release of ANZ: how do I login to ANZ to use the Null tenant; so I can set roles 1 time for all tenants, themes, etc. If I use Admin, then tenant 1 is created and used. thanks.

Also, I have downloaded the 12.2 release and the problem is still happening. :)

I apologize for not getting back but I have not received any emails via the support area; we have talked about this issue, it is not resolved. but I do appreciate your efforts.

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