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ELSA Dashboard with Workflows don't have theme and JS scripts #10101



I tried to integrate ELSA and solved all errors as issue #9483... but looks like this:

I downloaded the maliming project from git but can't see any difference with mine.

Can help me about how to add the theme with JS to open dashboard as well?


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    ismcagdas created
    Support Team


    I tried using Elsa with AspNet Zero and faced the exact same problem with the one you had. I tried to solve the problem but as I can see, the published Elsa.Dashboard DLL doesn't contain mentioned css and style files (Or I couldn't find them using a decompiler).

    So, basically you can;

    1. Download folder
    2. Run npm install and then gulp build in this folder.
    3. Create "wwwroot_content\Elsa.Dashboard\assets" folders in your Host project
    4. Copy content of assets folder you have downloaded at step 1 to the one you created under your solution.
    5. Finally, copy "node_modules\@elsa-workflows\elsa-workflow-designer\dist\elsa-workflow-designer" folder which will be generated at step 2 to your "assets/js/plugins/elsa-workflows" folder under the Host project. The final structure should look liek below;