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Possible problem with Identity Server integration #10472

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I went thru the Identity Server on a new AspNetZero solution and followed this URL: and am receiving the below error

I did get this screen

I do not know if this helps but here is the row in the PersistGrants that was written just before the Exception:

Id ClientId CreationTime Data Expiration SubjectId Type ConsumedTime Description SessionId 7iEol2V+Z6kb1caAyYkbz3gKPjq0G3Kt+oNooWllKYI= mvcdemo 2021-07-25 16:26:09.0000000 {"SubjectId":"1","ClientId":"mvcdemo","Scopes":["openid","profile"],"CreationTime":"2021-07-25T16:26:09Z","Expiration":null} NULL 1 user_consent NULL NULL NULL

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    Support Team

    Hi @murphymj5209

    Is it possible to share full stack trace ?