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work effort to get IS 4 to work with AspnetZero for new OAuth2 api's #10474

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How do I get Identity Server 4 working with AspNetZero? Please outline general steps.Please do not suggest that I change a file from false --> true and suddenly it works. Well, I am sure tables and code are missing and this is what I am asking; to see a clear picture of the work effort needed to have IS4 work with AspNetZero.

Please do not misunderstand the question; its not to ask how do I add a OAuth2 provider this part of OAuth2 is very specific to each provider , its how to get to the point where I can deal with the provider assuming I modify the AspnetZero registration OK to do the new provider. Please include basic steps like : ' install IS4' into the aspnetzero database.

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    Support Team

    Hi @murphymj5209,

    On AspNet Zero side, you only need to enable it in the appsettings.json file here.

    After that, your client app can connect to this endpoint using OpenID Connect. If you also have a AspNet Zero client app, you can configure its OpenID Connect configuration in appsettings.json file.