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Session Lock Screen #10809

mahendra created


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When we enter a wrong password in the login screen, it says "Invalid user name or password". I was expecting the same when we enter wrong password in the Session Lock Screen. But when we enter wrong password in Seccion Lock Screen, though it says "Invalid user name or password" but after that immediately redirects the user to login screen. How can we let the user remain on Session Lock Screen itself....

How can we fix this?

Regards, Mahendra

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    musa.demir created

    Hi mahendra

    I created an issue you can follow the progress here:

    Here are the places you need to change:

    Since login page uses the same method, you should implement some logics for session lock screen

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    mahendra created

    I cannot see the issue link that you created. Could you please re-send me the Git Hub issue link again.

    Also I tried your suggestion above, but could not succeed.

    Regards, Mahendra

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    ismcagdas created
    Support Team

    Hi @mahendra

    Could you add your GitHub user on and try again ?