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Public WebSite - login to Admin WebSite #11069

deltavision created


v9.0.1.0 MVC .NET Core

We try to test/implement the Public website as landing page - before going to the Admin website

Cannot figure out how this is suppose to work :-)

Starting "mulitiple projects" from the VS solution (Web.Mvc and Web.Public)

When running - the login from Public website, shows the login page for the Admin website - but then returns to the public site (as logged in). We thought that it continued in to the admin application?

Are we doing something wrong?

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    ismcagdas created
    Support Team

    Hi @deltavision

    No, you are doing it correct. The login on public website is designed like that. If you don't want users to be redirected back to public website, you can just remove returnUrl parameter on public site's login URL and users will be logged in to admin website.