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tenancy sub-subdomain autoselect tenant #11104

henryand created

we are using ANZ 10.1 Angular/Core combined

I have adapted our multi-tenant production environment to use the tenancy placeholder "ServerRootAddress": "{TENANCY_NAME}", "ClientRootAddress": "{TENANCY_NAME}", "CorsOrigins": "{TENANCY_NAME}", on our domain provider, i created a CNAME entry for each tenant. this is working to autoselect the tenantId for our production environment.

i would now like to apply this to our other environments. for example: "ServerRootAddress": "{TENANCY_NAME}", "ClientRootAddress": "{TENANCY_NAME}", "CorsOrigins": "{TENANCY_NAME}",

I think my problem is in the domain definition for sub-sub-domain. Any suggestions on getting the url to actually get to the site?

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    ismcagdas created
    Support Team

    Hi @henryand

    This must be handled in your DNS provider I guess. You need to redirect all subdomains of * to the IP address of the server which contains the web app.