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aspnetzero, Python and Artificial Intelligence code #11184

murphymj5209 created

I am on the 11.1 version of aspnetzero and am considering the follow project: add code to the generated Web API to do some minor AI work. The AI code would be very light-weight / not take more than 4 seconds to execute and either be Python and/or C# code. Using Azure Functions is not the answer because for many reasons a) protecting the function is difficult b) cant do everything in Functions I need todo. c) I cannot find a Python Visual Studio 2022 solution to write code for what I want todo; there is only VS Code and that is very limiting for my requirements. d) I can run-up a $50K Azue bill because of a recursion problem in my function.

There are always many trade-off that are finally realized, please let me know of your thoughts/approach/how-to on this endevor. Plz do not think I am expecting things to work out, but your words will probably save me about 2 months and alot of aggrivation. thanks.

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    ismcagdas created
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    Hi @murphymj5209

    What is the problem you are facing ? I couldn't understand the challenge you are facing, sorry :).