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Soft deleted entity still loaded with GetAll #11211

daws created

.net core, angular, aspnetzero 8.8

We have a full audited entity :

public class MyEntity : FullAuditedEntity<short>, IExtendableObject, IPassivable, IValidityRange

When we load it like this in a manager :

public async Task<List<MyEntity>> GetAllActiveAsync(Expression<Func<MyEntity, bool>> predicate)
    return await _MyEntityRepository.GetAll().Where(x => x.IsActive).Where(predicate).ToListAsync();

Soft deleted entities are also loaded whereas they should not. We did not override GetAll in the repository.

We currently have a workaround but it's not clean :

public class MyDbContext : AbpZeroDbContext<Tenant, Role, User, MyDbContext>, IAbpPersistedGrantDbContext
    modelBuilder.Entity<MyEntity>().HasQueryFilter(p =>

How can we solve this ?

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    ismcagdas created
    Support Team

    Hi @daws

    Sorry for my late reply. Could you share your Abp version as well ? We will try to reproduce it.

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    daws created

    hi @ismcagdas,

    Abp version is 6.3.1 (aspnetzero 8.8). We plan to migrate to anz 13.3 in september.

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    m.aliozkaya created
    Support Team

    Hi **@daws **

    I couldn't reproduce it on my project. Could you send an example project to