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Showing the profile picture on the right hand top corner #11242

csona created


We are using Angular + .Net Core template of the ASPNETZERO with version v11.2.1

Currently, for the logged in user, the right hand top corner shows following information -> Tenancy Name\User Name {First_Letterof_UserName}. The profile picture is showin in the first row of the User Settings area.

We would like to know if this is by design. Normally, the logged in user's profile picture is shown at the top and first letter is shown if the profile picture is not available. For example, the user profiles in the browsers like Chrome, Edge, or FireFox.


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    ismcagdas created
    Support Team


    As far as I remembed, it was like that in previous version of Metronic but we are going to change this with the latest version of Metronic, see You can also update your project according to latest Metronic HTML.

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    eric_pulaski created

    We are getting a "Not found" error when we try to download metronic from ASP.NET Zero. Is this the version you are recommending that we upgrade to?