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Power Tools Error - No License Field #11338

exaas created
  • VS2022 64bit Enterprise
  • AspNetZero Version 11.3 - ASP.NET Core & jQuery
  • Windows 10 Pro

Started with new installation of ANZ following getting started guide. Branch from Dev to new branch. Ran and tested before using Power Tools...all was good,

Simple Contacts entity, all strings, very simple, git an error at the end:

Build solution resulted in some errors:

Navigation placed in wrong location: * manually fixed.

Is this normal behavior is using the root option in Power Tools? Is the error message something I can fix with config changes in Power Tools?

The build worked after my manual fixes, but not sure if there will be adverse effects.

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    ismcagdas created
    Support Team

    Hi @exaas

    This problem has been fixed and we will release a new version for Power Tools in a few days. Thank you for reporting it.