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@ViewChild viewEntityModal HTML element name #11365

jaencalo created

Hi, AspNetZero guys.. (abp-zero-template version 11.0.0) In entityname.component.html is used (inside p-table) (My entityname is EstadosProceso, but I changed this name for 'EntityName' here for simplicity, except on image)

for show the modal view component.., and this works because the component is included at bottom as

<viewEntityNameModal #viewEntityNameModal>

but... on the component.ts file, the viewchild is defined

@ViewChild('viewEntityNameModalComponent', { static: true }) viewEntityNameModal: ViewEntityNameModalComponent;

and, when I need show the popup, I got an error about the object viewEntityNameModal is undefined...

clickEnVer(e): void
    const objSel =;;

I found that If I change the @Viewchild line to (erasing the 'Component' word)

@ViewChild('viewXXXEntityModal', { static: true }) viewXXXEntityModal: ViewXXXEntityModalComponent;

and my function works.

This is a bug on RadTool's templates ?

Thanks a lot.

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