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Incorporate Metronic Demo61 theme in Angular - ASPNETZERO 13.0.0 #11939

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mmukkara created

Downloaded demo61 theme from Metronic. I followed the documentation from ( still did not work. I noticed in ASPNETZero angular application, In the bundles.json file there is an input ad output for existing themes. { "output": "src/assets/common/styles/themes/theme13/metronic-customize.min.css", "input": [ "src/assets/common/styles/themes/theme13/metronic-customize.css" ]

demo61 theme does not have metronic-customize.min.css & metronic-customize.css. How do I generate these from the demo61 theme. How do I incorporate that into angular application. Am I missing something?

Thanks for you help.

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    ismcagdas created
    Support Team

    Hi @mmukkara

    You can either create this css file and it can be empty at the beginning or you can remove this bundle definition from bundles.json file.