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AspNetZero as backend for Ionic 2 mobile application #2191

vnetonline created

Dear Halil

I am planning to use aspnetzero as the backend for my ionic 2 mobile application and was wondering how long does the token last (i.e. Number of minutes in which it expires which) I get from /api/account/authenticate ... also is there a function to refresh if it is about to expire ??

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    ismcagdas created
    Support Team


    Currently it is 30 minutes but you can set it like this if your version of AspNet Zero does not have it already.

    var currentUtc = new SystemClock().UtcNow;
    ticket.Properties.IssuedUtc = currentUtc;
    ticket.Properties.ExpiresUtc = currentUtc.Add(TimeSpan.FromMinutes(30));

    There is no function to refresh it right now. You can request a new token using /api/account/authenticate when you get a 401 error.