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Advice selecting Non Modal page from DataTable Action menu #5055

Mitch created

I'm trying to use as much of the built in functionality to carry out standard tasks as I don't want to bypass any standard techniques within ASP Net Zero.

With that in mind, I'm generating many of my basic pages by using the Rad Tool. The Rad Tool creates an index page that uses the DataTable control to display data in a table.

The first column displays an Action dropdown list usually with View, Edit and Delete as options. Each of these options calls a Modal Page which is great for most scenarios.

var _viewDpmsClientModal = new app.ModalManager({ viewUrl: abp.appPath + 'App/XyzClients/ViewxyzClientModal', modalClass: 'ViewXyzClientModal' });

However, I have a situation where I want to load a Non Modal page and pass some parameters/model. Does Boilerplate/Zero have a standard function built in for doing this rather than using a simple window.location.href?

In other words, a sort of Non Modal Manager!?

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    ismcagdas created
    Support Team

    Hi @Mitch,

    There no such built-in helper. But I think using window.location.href is better because you are redirecting user to an MVC Action and MVC handles the rest.

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    Mitch created

    Many thanks for your guidance!