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Combobox of time zone is not found in the adm page !! #5144

annoure created

I encountered a problem when saving the date in the database, I have to save members' payments a month: the display of the UI page is right, but the backup in the database is not fair yet it is the same variable. (UI: 01-01 / 2018 and in database: 31-12-2017) !!!! date on GUI: []) Date on debug: [])

Despite that I used: DateTime now = Clock.Now; I have the same problem

Thank you

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    annoure created

    public override void PreInitialize() { //workaround for issue: ... ssues/9825 //related github issue: ... sues/10407 AppContext.SetSwitch("Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.Issue9825", true);

            Configuration.Auditing.IsEnabledForAnonymousUsers = true;
         <span style="color:#40BF00">   Clock.Provider = ClockProviders.Utc;</span>

    This modification must be applied on DigiappsCoreModule in core project Resolve my Pb

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    ismcagdas created

    Thanks @annoure :)