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Why don't you use Metronic components (Angular)? #7341

FlexSolution created

Let me ask you a general question. The original template has a lot of finished components in the angular version.

Why don't you just use them? This would be much easier to maintain. For example, in the last theme update all classes were changed. Instead of changing everything on each page by hand, you would just have to correct the few components and everything would be ready.

If there weren't any now and you had to do it all new, I'd still be able to imagine that it's a lot of work and that you're currently focusing on other things, but there are a lot of things there.

It would also be much easier for all customers to make their own changes and updates. And I'm talking about the basics here. Portlet, Error, Header...

What is the reason why you didn't take over something so important (from my point of view)?

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    ismcagdas created

    Hi @FlexSolution

    When we start building Angular (it was Angular2) version of AspNet Zero, Metronic didn't have an Angular version at the time. So, we haven't changed it in the future. This also has been discussed and postponed for now.