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Unmapped members were found - Translation Entities #7476

Mahinthan created
  • I have followed the instructions from the following doc.

  • When I run an endpoint to create a product, I get the following error

Unmapped members were found. Review the types and members below. Add a custom mapping expression, ignore, add a custom resolver, or modify the source/destination type For no matching constructor, add a no-arg ctor, add optional arguments, or map all of the constructor parameters

AutoMapper created this type map for you, but your types cannot be mapped using the current configuration. ProductDto -> Product (Destination member list) SwissOrdering.Product.ProductDto -> SwissOrdering.Product.Product (Destination member list)

Unmapped properties: Id

  • Im using the following version of Automapper

Abp.AutoMapper 4.6.0

  • May I know, how can I resolve this issue?

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    maliming created
    Support Team

    You can manually create an object Map based on the AutoMapper error message. These mappings are the same as the application service Dto.